These spheres consist of unrefined graded clay found in Wales and formed into a core, mantle and crust to resemble tiny earths which are carefully polished once dry. Being unfired makes them transient objects and perfect tokens of appreciation for nature’s abundance, each with its own gravitas.


These unfired spheres are constructed in the Japanese tradition of Dorodango, an art form in which earth and water are moulded and shaped by hand over a number of days, sometimes weeks, dried slowly and carefully polished. These are minimal impact, transient art forms using soils and clays found in Wales. They are shaped by hand to be held in the hand.


"An artefact of such simplicity and perfection that it seems it must be either the first object or the last, something that either instigated the big bang or awaits the final precipitous descent into universal silence. At the very end of things awaits the hikaru dorodango, a perfect three inch sphere of mud. At it's heart: the unthinkable"

William Gibson