I bring together my passion for geology, ancient Neolithic artefacts and cup and ring stones by creating clay vessels that foster a sense of balance, rhythm and contemplation.

Reminders to be present, slow down and take a moment to breathe while acknowledging our connection to the fire in the belly of the earth...


To construct the Sentinel pieces, I use a black coarse stoneware body to which pre-fired wild clay aggregates are added. I use a slab roller to create flat uniform pieces and a range of combs for marking and to emulate strata and erosion. The clay is stretched to its limit, a challenge but most satisfying when it works.

The separate components are assembled using the slip and scoring technique when slabs are leather hard. When bone dry these are biscuit fired and further enhanced by a willow ash glaze to emphasise the coarse and crusty textures.


I am fascinated by the abstract markings of cup and rings, lines, dots and circles on Neolithic stones found across the British Isles. These expressive images carved in stone hint at unfinished work and have a magnetism that keeps me wanting more. The meaning of these repetitive, rhythmic motifs is beyond my grasp yet I feel compelled to analyse and decipher the enigma…